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Most of the consultancies I approached had connections with universities abroad and I understood that I am not going to get factual information. But when I spoke to Rubin, I got enough confidence that he is very different from the notion everyone has regarding the word consultant and also I believe any consultant wouldn’t be so approachable as he is.

– B. S. Akash (MS in Computer Science, University of California, Davis (Class of 2024)

I must commend you on the excellent quality of the CV template I found on your website. It was an absolute game-changer for me during my internship application process. The template’s design, organization, and attention to detail were exemplary. It allowed me to showcase my skills and experiences effectively, catching the attention of potential professors. Thanks to the guidance provided by your template, I secured not one, but three interviews, all of which resulted in internship offers.

– Nadiira H. (Chemical engineering student)

Craft your own resume

Use the following guidelines to prepare a professional resume.

Essential Guidelines:

Stick to ONE page, as much as possible. Unless you have been the recipient of numerous academic awards, fellowships or have numerous publications, there is absolutely no need to go over one page.

The following must be included: Education, Professional/Research Experience (if applicable) – this would include internships, jobs and important long-term projects, Awards & Scholarships (academic, professional, athletic, etc.), Skills (professional, software, programming languages, very relevant courses), Leadership and activities (only the most important extra- or supra-curricular activities), Publications and Conferences, and Interests (what do you do in your free time?).

Here are 15+ samples across fields and seniority for you to get started!

Make the best use of space, without overcrowding the page.

The way your resume looks matters A LOT! Format all your information, including duration, location, headings, points, and sub-points.

Proofread, once, twice, thrice! There should be no errors whatsoever. Use Quillbot to improve all your writing, as it checks and suggests improvements to your words, sentences, tone, and of course, grammar!

One-minute rule: Give yourself a minute at most to go through your resume. Were you able to go through it? If not, then shorten it. If yes, then ask someone else to read it in one minute. If they could not, shorten it. Understand which parts need improvement. If they are able to receive the information within a minute, you are good to go.


Don’t make it “flashy” – do not use icons, colours (apart from headings) and symbols. Stick to simple black and white, words only. Don’t include any images or tables.

Words such as academia, personal dossier, etc. are simply not required. Replace such words with standard headings – Education, Personal Details, etc.

Certain sections, such as relationship skills, personal dossier, and high school details are not required. Omit those.

You need to use space efficiently. All the relevant information that you have mentioned can very easily fit on one page.

Look through Linkedin for ideas on structuring the text of your roles and responsibilities.

Make your resume ATS-friendly (here are some suggestions for that) and run your final draft through a free ATS scanner/software. There are several, just google it.

You can contact me anytime for assistance with crafting or editing your resume!

**Disclaimer: Many factors are considered when offering admission or a job. These templates or guidelines do not guarantee the receipt of an offer. Please consult the program, department of the university for any specific questions before submitting your application.**


Resume Template 1 (Preferred)

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This is an excellent, clean-looking resume format, preferred by the MIT Sloan School of Management. It will work for nearly every field, and will generally be a preferred format for master’s programs and jobs.

Resume Template 2

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A modification of template 1 (although I would strongly recommend the first template), this resume format adds a little more flair with some colour (which you can avoid for to maximise being screened by an ATS), and is structured as a table in MS Word.

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