Past Results and Testimonials

*I will continue to update this page for other countries and fields*


Computer Science (including sub-fields)

University*Years when a client received admission
Carnegie Mellon University2021
New York University2022 (2) (1 with a scholarship), 2023
Georgia Institute of Technology2023
The University of Maryland, College Park2023
The University of Massachusetts, Amherst2022, 2023
University of Washington, Seattle2023
Purdue University2023
University of Southern California2023 (2)
Rutgers University2022
Michigan State University2023
Arizona State University2022, 2023 (2)
University of Wisconsin Madison2021, 2022, 2023
The University of California, Davis2022, 2023
Virginia Polytechnic Institute of Technology (Virginia Tech)2023 (2); (1 with a scholarship)
Northeastern University2021, 2023
North Carolina State University2023 (3)
Stony Brook University2022, 2023
University of Colorado, Boulder2023
*The list is non-exhaustive. I do not include ranks as they are poor indicators and keep changing.

Data Science, Information Systems and/or Analytics

University*Years when a client received admission
Purdue University2021
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor2019
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities2021
Michigan State University2022, 2023
Wisconsin School of Business2021
University of Cinncinati (Linder)2021
University of Washington, Seattle2022
Georgia Institute of Technology2023
Northeastern University2021
Boston University2021
*The list is non-exhaustive. I do not include ranks as they are poor indicators and keep changing.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

University*Years when a client received admission
The University of Pennsylvania2020
Cornell University2020
Pennsylvania State University2020
North Carolina State University2021
*The list is non-exhaustive. I do not include ranks as they are poor indicators and keep changing.

Other Engineering

UniversityYears when a client received admission
University of Michigan2019 (2)
Northwestern University2021
University of Pennsylvania2023
New York University2023
Brown University2023
The University of Texas, Austin2021
Purdue University2021
Georgia Institute of Technology2021
Columbia University2023 (2)
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign2021
Cornell University (PhD)2022
University of Pittsburgh (PhD)2022
*The list is non-exhaustive. I do not include ranks as they are poor indicators and keep changing.

Biological and Health Sciences

UniversityYears when a client received admission
The University of California, San Diego – Biomedical Engineering2021
New York University – Biomedical Engineering2021
George Washington University – Public Health2023
Tulane University – Public Health2023 (with a scholarship)
New York University – Public Health2023 (with a scholarship)
* I do not include ranks as they are poor indicators and keep changing.


English Language

UniversityYears when a client received admission
The University of Manchester2023
Queen Mary University of London2023
University of East Anglia2023 (with a scholarship)
* I do not include ranks as they are poor indicators and keep changing.


Other Engineering

UniversityYears when a client received admission
University of Toronto2020 (with a scholarship)
University of Waterloo2021 (with a scholarship)
* I do not include ranks as they are poor indicators and keep changing.


Abhishek G.

Loved your work. The inputs you gave, the structure/format you provided, the patience you kept while answering my queries, were super helpful. All thanks to you and I was able to fetch 4 to 5 good admits.

MS in CS (2023), multiple offers

Adithya H.

I took your service for just the SOP. But you were kind enough to edit my LORs as well and offered me assistance with suggestions and ideas. I received a fully funded offer and your SOP surely made an impact. Thank you so much and wishing to the best to reach heights.

MS in CS, Virginia Tech (2023) fully funded


OP review session was super helpful. You highlighted the strong and weak areas of my initial draft and gave concrete suggestions on how to improve. I think it improved my SOP by atleast 25 percent. My favourite part about the experience was that I could continue to contact you after the session and you were super responsive and helpful even after. All this after just paying for a one-hour session which was quite cheap in itself.

MS in CS, Stony Brook University (2023), multiple offers

Anushka N.

I came across RBN Education Consulting by chance, through a google search, when I was seeking help with my SOPs and Cover Letters for Master’s. I had a wonderful experience because the edits and comments for my SOPs were made punctually and it was a very seamless process. It was evident that Rubin spent time to go through each sentence and paragraph. I am really glad that I found the service because I got accepted to my top choice of course! I would highly recommend RBN Education Consulting to all the students applying for Master’s.

MSc Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy, WU Vienna (2021)

Arundhati T.

I knew from the very beginning that SOPs played a huge role in the college decision process. It was by luck that I stumbled across a post by Rubin on Facebook. His immaculate editing skills gave me an edge over the other applicants. He diligently worked with me for over 7 months and helped me tailor individual SOPs for 12 different colleges.

Admits from the University of Pittsburgh and Cornell University for a PhD (2022)

MS Environmental Engineering at the University of Toronto (2019), full scholarship and stipend.

BS Akash

When I started off for MS applications, I was totally clueless on how to proceed further as I didn’t know anyone in the family or friends who’s been through it before. So I started my search with approaching consultancies and I was disappointed as it was more about money than information. I came to know about Rubin through a Facebook group and he felt quite legit about him and highly unlike the previous consultancies. I have gone through the website of RBN Consulting to get more clarity and I learnt about the genuineness of his previous work. I talked to him personally after that and there’s no looking back after that. He is very helpful, to quote an example – he answered all the questions including the silly ones with utmost patience and that call went on more than an hour. After that whenever there is something I need to ask he was just a phone call away. I could clearly differentiate the clarity he has given me on the process compared to others. I liked his services a lot as well (I took help with adding color to my SOP). Always approachable, friendly person. I highly recommend taking up his services with no doubt.

MS in Computer Science at the University of California, Davis (2022)

Devyani M.

Rubin was timely, well-versed and very helpful with his suggestions.

MS in CS, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2023), multiple offers

Hetav M.

I am extremely grateful for Rubin’s invaluable support during my graduate admissions process. I started out with the essay’s quite late in the application season, but Rubin helped me plan out a timeline and took my initial draft into a much more refined and polished version. More importantly, he helped craft a well-planned SOP which conveyed a story with a good flow. His experience in the graduate admissions sphere and his candor definitely helped ease some of my apprehensions and lack of clarity in the admissions process.

MS in CS, Georgia Tech (2023), multiple offers

Kunjan V.

The service offered by Rubin was extremely personalised and precise. Advise backed by diligent research put my mind at ease. Honesty is a very important quality in a consultant when your future is in question, and I could always count on that from Rubin.

MS in Computer Science at Rutgers University (2022)

Madhuvanti B.

Your assistance with LOR and SOP was extremely helpful for my college admissions. I would totally recommend you to anyone who asks me for any SOP service reference. Thanks for patiently helping me out throughout the process.

MS in Finance at the University of Utah, 40% Scholarship (2022)


I was accepted into the program of my choice and received a full-ride to graduate school with a paid graduate teaching assistantship and a paid stipend. I’m very grateful for your help and time!


Partha M.

I had a great time working with you while preparing for my admission (SOPs’ and Interviews) to courses in US Universities. I really appreciate your attention to detail, creative writing skills and urge to help a student, and I can say that is part of the reason why I got offers from multiple top programs. Also what really makes you stand apart is your first-hand experience of the US University and job culture and having those long chats with you helped me come to the US with a lot of confidence.

MS in Business Data Science and Analytics at Michigan State University (2022), multiple offers

Pranjal A.

My overall experience with Rubin was outstanding and helpful for my graduate school application. Firstly, he was highly professional and responsive throughout the entire process. He listened attentively to my concerns and queries and addressed them appropriately. Moreover, he was accommodating to my busy schedule and always made time to provide feedback and support. Secondly, he thoroughly understood the requirements for graduate school applications and helped me tailor my essays accordingly. He provided insights into what the admission committees were looking for. As a result, I produced strong essays that reflected my personality and ambitions. Finally, he gave me valuable suggestions that significantly improved my essay’s quality. His feedback was constructive and insightful, and he also helped me with some additional resources and examples that helped me articulate my thoughts better. I recommend his services to anyone seeking help with their grad school applications.

MS in CS (2023), multiple offers

Sanket M.

Rubin has been the first and only person I have personally come across that is ready to take out the time to understand each of his client’s profiles and also their preferred courses. His suggestions gave me a new perspective to look at things and helped me understand myself better. Most importantly, I have enjoyed working on something I saw as a task I need to just get over with, and had meaningful discussions with someone who is ready to listen, understand and provide me with valuable feedback. Because of Rubin, I ended up managing such a stressful period of time with ease.

MS in Finance at Pennsylvania State University (2022), multiple offers

Satya D.

The service offered by Rubin was extremely personalised and precise. Advise backed by diligent research put my mind at ease. Honesty is a very important quality in a consultant when your future is in question, and I could always count on that from Rubin.

Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Antwerp Management School (2023)

Sakshi B.

Working with Rubin was an exceptional experience for me. I decided to seek his assistance for drafting my SOP and LORs, and he proved to be very proficient. Rubin took the time to understand my background thoroughly, including my undergraduate and work experiences, to create a personalized application. We brainstormed together to make my SOP more engaging by discussing various situations, and once we decided on the flow, Rubin began drafting it. I was amazed by the first draft, which was better than anything I could have produced on my own. We worked on more edits and revisions until the SOP was nearly perfect. Rubin was always understanding and accommodating to my requests, making changes whenever necessary. If he thought something needed improvement, he would suggest alternatives until we reached a consensus. Additionally, he provided guidance on composing emails to professors to obtain recommendations, and he addressed all my queries and doubts regarding the university application process. Despite the overwhelming nature of the task, Rubin made it manageable for me. What’s even better is that Rubin’s consultancy fee was minimal compared to other consultants, yet he delivered top-notch services. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rubin’s services to others.

MS in CS (2023), multiple offers including scholarship

Sneha I.

I was absolutely clueless and Rubin’s guidance really helped!

MS in Biomedical Eng., UC San Diego (2021), multiple offers


Really loved the experience.
What I liked the most were:
1) A strict agreement document and adherence to it
2) Mentoring over phone calls and google meet, and the numerous insights you shared
3) Focus on customized and unique documents, going over multiple revisions until it sounded perfect
4) Very nominal fee

At some point, I felt that the fee I paid was lesser than the amount of effort you were putting in.

MS in CS (2023), multiple offers

Tania B.

Rubin has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my MA admission process. I am really excited to pursue my dream course, but the process has also been quite overwhelming. I am so grateful to Rubin for being patient with me while I arranged my application materials, for allowing me to complete my research on universities and scholarships, and for finally guiding me in the best way possible. I came across Rubin’s profile on LinkedIn, and am so glad that I made that first phone call and connected with him. I had a thousand queries, and he answered them patiently every time I reached out. He provided logical solutions and the best options whenever I got a little anxious or confused during the application season. For a student who’s moving to a different country, Rubin’s support has been priceless to me. With his help, I’ve received offers from all the UK universities where I had applied. They were my dream universities, and I’m thankful to be able to choose among them. I wish him and all the students who seek his guidance the very best in their endeavours.

Master’s in Creative Writing (2023), multiple offers

Ujwal Z.

I came across RBN Education Consulting while searching for the details of a person who received acceptance from a university I was interested in and who also had been his client recently. Starting with the email to be sent to professors to the resume and the SOPs, Rubin amended everything in such a perfect manner that it led me to receive acceptance even from my dream university. The best thing about his services is that he doesn’t spoon-feed, rather he asks us to give it a shot and then with his skills provides the bullet a proper direction, which is very important.

MASc Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo ( beginning 2021), full scholarship and stipend, multiple offers


Your approach for the recommendations was impressive. First, you began by conducting a thorough assessment of my overall profile, followed by a careful check of my academic & professional checkpoints through discussions. Then, with your exceptional writing skills, you connected those checkpoints and created unique personalised documents that best described my strengths and potential. Your work exceeded my expectations Rubin, and I am grateful for that.

MS in CS (concentration in cybersecurity) (2023), multiple offers