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A Self-Profile Evaluation

Have you wondered if the components of your profile are good enough to secure admission from graduate programs in universities abroad? This post will certainly give you a good sense of how to go about evaluating yourself.

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ATS friendly resume – Build yours now!

An ATS friendly resume is a must in 2022. If you apply for a job or upload your resume through an online portal, your application will most likely pass through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). There are several ATSs that are becoming increasingly popular, even in smaller companies. What exactly is an ATS? It is…

Inversion Theory

Improve your Statement of Purpose from the get-go by applying the inversion theory. Applying the Inversion Theory is a great way to start your thought process when writing a statement of purpose or personal statement for graduate programs. The simplest way of understanding this is that if you avoid the negatives, you will automatically implement…

Getting Into a Good University With a Low GPA

Let’s face it, you have a low undergraduate GPA, and can’t change it. You may have questions such as, is that all that matters? Is it true that my prospects of getting into a graduate programme in the United States or Canada are slim? Do I have to settle for a program/university with a low…

Best Affordable Cities for Tech Jobs in the US

For a long time, the United States has been regarded as one of the best countries for tech jobs. Businesses and professionals from all over the world flocked to enter the tech industry, which arguably exploded in the 1990s. With the total market capitalisation of the FANGAM businesses (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft)…


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