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They had a top-notch application.
And reached their dream university.

Arundhati T. (MS, University of Toronto, Canada)

I knew from the very beginning that SOPs played a huge role in the college decision process. It was by luck that I stumbled across a post by Rubin on Facebook. His immaculate editing skills gave me an edge over the other applicants. He diligently worked with me for over 7 months and helped me tailor individual SOPs for 12 different colleges.

Admits from the University of Pittsburgh and Cornell University for a PhD in beginning in 2022.

MS Environmental Engineering at the University of Toronto (beginning in 2019), full scholarship and stipend.

Ujwal Z. (MASc, University of Waterloo)

I came across RBN Education Consulting while searching for the details of a person who received acceptance from a university I was interested in and who also had been his client recently. Starting with the email to be sent to professors to the resume and the SOPs, Rubin amended everything in such a perfect manner that it led me to receive acceptance even from my dream university. The best thing about his services is that he doesn’t spoon-feed, rather he asks us to give it a shot and then with his skills provides the bullet a proper direction, which is very important.

MASc Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo ( beginning 2021), full scholarship and stipend.

Other admits – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC), Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin, Purdue University

Sanket M. (MS, Pennsylvania State University)

Rubin has been the first and only person I have personally come across that is ready to take out the time to understand each of his client’s profiles and also their preferred courses. His suggestions gave me a new perspective to look at things and helped me understand myself better. Most importantly, I have enjoyed working on something I saw as a task I need to just get over with, and had meaningful discussions with someone who is ready to listen, understand and provide me with valuable feedback. Because of Rubin, I ended up managing such a stressful period of time with ease.

MS in Finance at Pennsylvania State University (2022)

Other admits – University of Illinois, Chicago

B.S. Akash (MS, University of California, Davis)

When I started off for MS applications, I was totally clueless on how to proceed further as I didn’t know anyone in the family or friends who’s been through it before. So I started my search with approaching consultancies and I was disappointed as it was more about money than information. I came to know about Rubin through a Facebook group and he felt quite legit about him and highly unlike the previous consultancies. I have gone through the website of RBN Consulting to get more clarity and I learnt about the genuineness of his previous work. I talked to him personally after that and there’s no looking back after that. He is very helpful, to quote an example – he answered all the questions including the silly ones with utmost patience and that call went on more than an hour. After that whenever there is something I need to ask he was just a phone call away. I could clearly differentiate the clarity he has given me on the process compared to others. I liked his services a lot as well (I took help on adding color to my SOP). Always approachable, friendly person. I highly recommend taking up his services with no doubt.

MS in Computer Science at the University of California, Davis (beginning in 2022).

Anushka N. (MSc, WU Vienna)

I came across RBN Education Consulting by chance, through a google search, when I was seeking help with my SOPs and Cover Letters for Master’s. I had a wonderful experience because the edits and comments for my SOPs were made punctually and it was a very seamless process. It was evident that Rubin spent time to go through each sentence and paragraph. I am really glad that I found the service because I got accepted to my top choice of course! I would highly recommend RBN Education Consulting to all the students applying for Master’s.

MSc Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy, WU Vienna (beginning in 2021).

Thousands of applicants from India seeking higher education and progress in life apply to master’s and PhD programs, especially in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia. With the increasing competition between international applicants, the power of a high-quality application can increase your chances of receiving admission to top universities by miles. As a first-time applicant, writing an excellent statement of purpose (SOP), essays, recommendation letters, and crafting an impeccable CV can be quite daunting. That is exactly where I step in.

Begin your graduate school journey with me.

Rubin Sagar Headshot

I am Rubin and I graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, which is one of the best universities in the world.

My aim is to make your application impress and create an impact on admissions committees. I have honed my knowledge and skills in creating excellent graduate school application materials over the years, and have been helping applicants receive admission from their top choices since 2018.

I will provide you with the assistance you need to get offers of admission from your preferred master’s programs and reach your dream university. As an aspirant, what more can you ask for?

What sets me apart?

Tailored Content

Attention to detail by understanding you because I work with a few applicants only every year.

Whatever your requirements are, I assure you the best possible results, 100% plagiarism and error-free (using plagiarism and text identification tools).

More than an application

The process involves contacting professors, researching the best master’s programs that match your aspirations, crafting a professional resume, writing an impressive statement of purpose, and much more.

I believe in providing as much help and information as I can, and that involves much more than just your application.

Competitive charges

My charges are a fraction of what other no university-tie-ups consultants charge.

All the terms and conditions are stated upfront.

There are no first consultation charges, no hidden fees, and certainly no “success fees”.

Your success is my success, which is priceless!

No university tie-ups. No conflict of interests.

No tie-ups with universities and hence, I do not receive commissions.

There will never be a conflict of interest, as your best interests are mine too!

Uncompromising quality at the most attractive prices.

From contacting a professor to creating high-quality application materials, to complete applications support, RBN Education Consulting has you covered!

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I talk to people who have earned a master’s degree from globally leading programs across fields of study. Listen to professionals about their higher education experiences and what helped them move closer to their career goals.

Select admits that my clients have received:

Higher education successes (2018-2022)


I have helped over 200 aspirants directly and through my associations with other top consultancies receive admits from their preferred graduate schools/universities

12 Countries

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.
My clients have received admits from their dream universities from these nations!


Computer Science (AI, ML, and more)
Environmental Engineering
Data Science
Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

Public Health
Management & Business
Business Analytics

Economics & Policy
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Creative Writing & English Literature
Fashion Design

…. and more!

Let’s achieve together.

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