Who am I?

My name is Rubin Sagar. I am a conservationist and forest ecologist by training (as well as a mechanical engineer, but I chose to switch fields). I studied engineering from VIT University, Vellore, and then did my master’s from SEAS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

In my free time, I enjoy a bunch of sports, outdoor activities, films, books, and nature photography.

Why did I get into higher education consulting?

The primary reason for starting this work is to offer help to applicants who are genuinely interested in pursuing higher education abroad, particularly in North America. I have been in your place, several times, and I know that the process can be intimidating, especially for Indians.

Secondly, I am offering services as an alternative to larger consultancies that charge A LOT which may not provide the desired quality of work. I charge (yes, I take some fee for the time I spend) a fraction of what such consultancies usually charge, understanding that higher education in itself is financially burdensome for most.

Lastly, from past experience, students with even the best qualifications miss out on opportunities such as scholarships, assistantships and even admission, simply because their application materials (SOP/LORs/resume/essays) were below par or they lacked the correct guidance. Hence, I am offering certain services to help applicants with their applications and choosing the right universities.

Why should you choose me?

For starters, I charge much lesser than most other consultancies, especially for the quality of work.

My story is that I had applied to Ecology/Environmental Engineering programs in spite of having studied Mechanical Engineering in college (implying a significant difference in fields). I got admissions with scholarships from – University of Michigan, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California – Santa Barbara, North Carolina State University and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, I was offered a PhD position, upfront at SUNY – Syracuse. Most of these are regarded as some of the best institutions in the world! Lastly, I have also received conditional admission from the University of British Columbia (the condition being the reception of funding) for their very highly reputed PhD programme in Forest Ecology (in 2018), as well as interviewed for a PhD position with the University of Cambridge (in 2020). I attribute all the above to my writing skills.

Hence, in summation, having gone through this entire application process multiple times has made me pretty good at writing essays, statements, a resume/CV, and other application materials. I have also read through books such as Don Asher’s “Graduate Admission Essays”, And Jordan Dotson’s “Structure is Magic” among others. I am very well aware of how to tweak them, points that are valued (by admission committees), etc. Plus, my English is excellent (without sounding pompous).

If you: a) need it, b) feel that counselling agencies are too costly and c) want your application material to be looked at in a non-mass-produced (again, referring to the way most counselling services work) and meticulous manner, you’re at the right place. Everything at a fraction of the cost (depending on how much you would like to get done, but still, highly competitive prices)