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*Data updated for the Spring and Fall 2023 cycle. I will continue to update it for Spring and Fall 2024.

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*Data updated for the Spring and Fall 2023 cycle. I will continue to update it for Spring and Fall 2024.

*Please carefully read the disclaimer and FAQs below

Master's in Computer Science Shortlist

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Master’s in Computer Science Spreadsheet

Disclaimer and FAQs

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  • Our sole objective in making this Spreadsheet is to assist you as an international student (not a permanent resident or a citizen of the United States of America or Canada) in preparing a shortlist of master’s programs in computer science or a closely related field. Thus, the MS in Computer Science Spreadsheet is for informational purposes only.
  • The pricing is subject to change at our discretion.
  • The time taken to complete your shortlisted programs can be more than 1 day. While the Spreadsheet will certainly shorten the time you take to complete your shortlist, there are many other variables involved such as your availability, ability to go through the information, the programs you are interested in, and much more. 
  • Rbnedu does not have any tie-ups with any university mentioned in this Spreadsheet, nor do we gain anything from any university by including their name in this spreadsheet.
  • Rbnedu cannot guarantee that you can attain any particular result, even with a perfect match in terms of your GPA, GRE score, IELTS and/or TOEFL score, or any other information presented in this spreadsheet. 
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of programs. There are thousands of universities with graduate programs in computer science or a related field in North America. This list has been prepared according to the universities that have been ranked by in North America here, and a few other popular universities that we are familiar with. 
  • The Spreadsheet is available as a view-only Google Spreadsheet. Downloading, copying and printing have been disabled and you will not be able to share it with others. 
  • We have tried to include accurate information as much as possible, but please do your own thorough research before making your shortlist. Always double- or triple-check the information provided in this sheet. Universities may change their requirements, deadlines, fees, and update websites and/or hyperlinks and other policies without informing Rbnedu. Thus, hyperlinks have been added for each program. 
  • The contact email addresses given are the most probable based on the information found when preparing the Spreadsheet. Please double-check the email ID on the university’s official website and include any necessary information (such as application or applicant ID) that they have requested. 
  • Some programs have multiple deadlines for a particular intake; the deadlines included are the priority/earliest deadlines for international students, wherever applicable. Please assume that all supporting documentation (standardized test scores, recommendation letters, etc.) must be received by the deadline mentioned. In some cases, the program may allow supporting material to be received at a later date; please check the university’s website or contact the university if you are unable to meet the deadline. 
  • Some programs have different deadlines for PhD applications. Please ensure that you meet the correct deadlines by looking through the program details and FAQs. 
  • The scores/requirements mentioned (GPA, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS) are for “full-status admission”, i.e., where students are not required to provide any further qualifications unless otherwise mentioned on their web pages, wherever applicable. Some programs offer conditional admits if your scores are below those required by the graduate school or department. Students may be required to take additional tests or courses if they choose to join the program. 
  • As much as we tried to keep the information accurate, some information may be incorrect for Spring and Fall 2023, as universities sometimes update information across the website much later than most. The information for the Spring and Fall 2024 cycles will be updated from June to September 2023. It is also possible that information for the same program may differ across web pages, for example, the department/school/college’s website may mention some specific requirements, whereas the general graduate program website may mention slightly different requirements. Hence, please check the requirements thoroughly apart from this Spreadsheet before making any final decisions.
  • Some rows contain multiple links for the same program (for example the department link and the college/program link) with different and/or additional information for prospective students.
  • The tuition fee (USD for all) is an estimate and may vary by year/semester/number of credits. 
  • The tuition fee may include certain additional fees depending on the information provided by the university but does not include living expenses.
  • Funding in the Spreadsheet refers to financial support in the form of teaching or research assistantships (or their equivalent) which may not include a tuition waiver. In the case of “Yes” in the funding column, some of the computer science programs/departments/schools listed do not specifically mention the availability of funding, but the university’s general graduate program webpage mentions it. Please confirm with the specific department/program before making any further decisions.
Who is this Spreadsheet for, and what is its purpose?

This Spreadsheet is meant to help international students, who plan to achieve a Master of Science (MS/MSc) in Computer Science (or its equivalent) from a leading university in North America, create a shortlist using some of the most important information needed.

If you have a far lower than average undergraduate academic performance (lower than 2.5/4.0 when converted to the US 4.0 scale), I would not recommend purchasing access to the Spreadsheet.

The Spreadsheet is not meant to be the only resource that you, as a prospective student, should use when preparing your shortlist.

In what form is the Spreadsheet available?

The Spreadsheet is available as a view-only Google Sheet. Downloading, copying and printing have been disabled. You may not be able to share the link with others.

If you would like to get a no-restrictions version, please contact us.

Why are there only 150 programs/universities?

The Spreadsheet initially included the universities listed by for computer science. Their website had 137 universities (when first preparing the sheet, in August 2022) so a few more have been added as per previous experience with computer science aspirants. The Spreadsheet covers most, if not all of the big names that offer a computer science or closely related master’s degree.

How can I get the master’s in computer science Spreadsheet for ₹0?

Just sign up for any of my application packages. I’ll give you access to this Spreadsheet.

How much information updated for Spring or Fall 2024?

Technically, none yet. Most fields should be updated for Fall 2023, however, universities typically do not change much year-on-year. However, there may be certain fields that we missed (it’s all manual work). If you find any errors, please inform me at at the earliest.

I will update the sheet for Spring and Fall 2024.

I have a low undergraduate CGPA, will the Spreadsheet help me?

Yes, it might. The Spreadsheet has a few well-reputed universities that would accept applicants with a GPA lower than 3.0/4.0 (when converted to the US 4.0 scale) or its equivalent.

However, if you have a far lower-than-average undergraduate academic performance (lower than 2.5/4.0 when converted to the US 4.0 scale), purchasing access to the Spreadsheet is not recommended.

Why are there no living expenses on the sheet?

That is a very valid question. However, providing accurate living expenses is incredibly difficult. It depends more on your affordability. For example, if someone can afford $800 per month on rent for a single room, they would choose that. If someone can’t, they would choose a shared room at $400 a month. Expenses on food depend on your habits. Eat out more? Be prepared to spend more.

Further, in our experience, living expenses provided on university websites are generally on the higher side and may not accurately represent actual costs. I strongly recommend contacting current students to know your living options and expenses.

I did not receive the Spreadsheet. What do I do?

Please ensure that you have entered a Gmail email ID on the payments page. If you used an email ID associated with another service provider, you may not receive access.

Else, just email me at

What is your refund policy?

A refund is unlikely. However, if you are dissatisfied with the Spreadsheet, we would love to hear what you think can be improved. We are committed to making this as useful as possible for you, so please provide your feedback here.

If you intend to buy the Spreadsheet, please inform yourself as much as possible about its benefits before purchasing it.

I found incorrect information, what should I do?

We would be grateful if you could inform me about incorrect information by writing to us!

I feel the price is too much, can you offer further discounts?

Yes! We are happy to offer this to you at ₹0. Please choose ANY of the packages here (complete university applications support) for 100% discount on the Spreadsheet.

I would like to provide feedback, where can I do so?

Please provide your feedback here.

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