A High-Quality Application

Hi! I’m Rubin, and I was one of the 425,446 international prospective master’s students for Fall 2015. Like you, I wanted to get into a top university, and I know writing the SOP, LORs and CV can be exhausting!

It’s tough to be in the top 10%, and I’ve been helping applicants like you crack the top 5%! You’re probably one of the 500,000+ international prospective master’s students for Fall 2023. About 50,000 (10%) will enrol.

3 reasons for you to attend this session:

1) Admissions committees look for quality
Reviewers spend 5-6 minutes per application. Quality stands out.
While you (and 100s of others) may nail the GRE, TOEFL/IELTS, and have an excellent GPA, high-quality SOP and LORs may just get you that admit.

2) Repeatedly proven structures
I will cover the specifics of writing a top 5% SOP, LOR, and CV.
These helped my clients (across various fields) receive admission from universities such as Carnegie Mellon University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Cornell University, Columbia University, Purdue University, the University of Michigan, UC San Diego, the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, and many more!

3) Not 2 weeks, not 8 hours, just 1 hour
Years’ worth of information in just 1 hour!

Attendees will receive an exclusive offer! Each session is limited to 50 participants.

Do you want a top 5% application?

Early Bird (50% OFF!)
  • Till October 15th only!

Dates and Timings

10-11:30 am, October 29th 2022

The session will take place via Google Meet (no recording, but full access to certain files will be provided)

30 minutes (after the 1-hour session) will be dedicated to answering questions

Topics Covered

Important considerations before applying

How to write a top 5% SOP, LOR, and CV

A few examples of the good, bad, and ugly

Things others won’t tell you

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