A Broad Overview of How I Deliver My Services:

1. Initial phone call

It is critical that I speak with you. I need to know much more about you than your ‘profile’ in order to fully understand your requirements before proceeding.

2. Signing an agreement

After we’ve discussed your specific requirements and the services I can provide, if we decide to work together, I’ll send you an agreement outlining the terms of my services, including payment arrangements. We can proceed only after I receive the signed agreement back from you.

3. Documents

Depending on the service you choose, I will require some key documents (CV, drafts, etc.) which will help me deliver as best as I can.

4. Drafting

Drafting your application materials (essay, CV, letters, and SOP, for example) is a back-and-forth process that will require a couple of iterations (possibly more) to achieve an exceptionally high standard of quality

5. Polishing

Once your draft(s) is ready – comprising of the relevant information presented in the right way, I will polish your draft(s) with the help of a couple of professional tools to avoid errors, improve the language and ensure that it is cohesive and is easy to read.

6. Further assistance

I am happy to assist you with any additional questions about the application process. Often, certain formalities follow once you receive an admission offer, such as writing scholarship essays or contacting faculty, which I could help you with. I am unable to assist with visa and educational loan procedures; however, I may be able to connect you with professionals who can.

Disclaimer: This is an overview of the general procedure I follow. Specifics will depend on the service you choose, which I will discuss with you.