University applications mentoring at highly competitive prices!

From editing one document to extensive university applications support, I pour in my personal experiences to help you create the best possible applications!

One-time Services

30-minute Consultation
  • Ask me anything, and I’ll answer as best as I can.
  • Time
  • 30 minutes
(pricing per word)
  • Get any application material edited – SOP, LOR, Essay, CV, etc.
  • Delivery time
  • 3-5 business days*
Improve your statement (SOP)
(one-on-one online meeting)
  • Get your statement reviewed through a detailed discussion session with me.
  • Time
  • 1 hour

Complete University Applications Support

1 Program
  • Guidance and end-to-end application support (editing materials included) until your application is submitted.
4-6 Programs
  • End-to-end application support (editing materials included) until your applications are submitted.
8-10 Programs
  • End-to-end application support (editing materials included) until your applications are submitted.
*Please check T&C in the FAQs below*

For custom plans or questions, please contact me

Further details



Editing your university application documents includes a comprehensive line-by-line check of your drafted document, suggestions and changes to the main text of your document. I use professional text identification tools to deliver an edit that is 100% plagiarism and error-free.

The edits will match the standards of the best universities in the world while making your story shine.

My process is completely transparent, and by the end of it, you will be able to write top-notch essays for future applications.

This includes revisions, and modifications, if necessary, for 2-3 additional programs.

₹5/word up to 2000 words, ₹4/word for 2001-4000 words, ₹3/word for 4001 words and above.

*Delivery time is subject to your availability and the number of documents.

University Shortlist

The selection will be entirely based on your profile and requirements.

The list will include key details that will help you narrow down your target programs and increase your chances of getting in, substantially.

Available only as an add-on to any of the packages at a fixed rate of ₹500/program.

Do you write from scratch?

Yes and no. I need information to write. If asked to write a statement or essay with very little information, I will have to decline. However, if you are willing to provide detailed information in writing or are confused about getting started with your draft, I will be happy to help you. Feel free to get in touch!

What is your process?

You can find an overview of my process here.

Can I get a sample of your work?

No, I have a strict no sample-sharing policy. If you would like to know about my work, I will be happy to connect you with a past client for feedback.

Do you help meet word or character counts?

Yes, indeed! I edit based on your requirements, which can include a specific word or character count.

How do you count the number of words for a one-time edit?

I shall round the number of words in your draft to the nearest hundred. For example, if your draft is 750 words or lower, I will charge for 700 words, and for a draft that is 751-800 words, I will charge for 800 words.

If your draft is 600 words, and you need a statement that is 950-1000 words, I would require a draft that is at least 850 words. However, if your draft is 806 words and you need a final statement of 500 words, I will charge for 800 words.

What if I am not satisfied with the edit?

Although that has rarely happened, I try to understand your requirements and wishes when editing. Edits include up to two rounds of revisions (or more if necessary), wherein you can provide feedback and comments for me to work with. I welcome critiques of my work. However, if your suggestions or wishes stand against what a good statement or recommendation should include, I may decline to include those in my edit. There will most likely be no refund in such a case.

For instance, if you would like to describe a project in extreme detail (and I find that the details are not adding value to the statement), I will express my thoughts clearly and ask you to include those details yourself.

I would like to choose your complete university applications package, but do not have the funds at the moment. What should I do?

That is not an issue at all. I charge a 25% advance, and the rest in instalments, depending on the amount of work needed. We will work out a payment plan that suits your ability to pay.

Client Comments

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