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Excited about a unique internship opportunity? RBN Education Consulting is inviting candidates for a summer internship to collaborate on business development, content creation and boost social media presence. Higher education is a booming industry, and there are thousands of aspirants looking to go abroad and approach consultants who can direct them best. At RBN, you will have the opportunity to work with people across the country from diverse backgrounds. As a young aspirant, you gain by learning all about higher education abroad, particularly writing and applying to maximise your chances at some of the best programs globally.

Internship Positions

2 Open Positions (Intern)
Part-time, Paid

Desired Qualifications

| Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program in India (recent graduates will also be considered) |

| Networking skills and a healthy network within your institute (with students in other colleges is also welcome) |

| Excellent written and verbal skills in English (knowledge of Microsoft Word is highly desirable) |

| Interest in content development for social media (skills in Adobe Illustrator/Indesign are highly desirable) |

| Interest in applying to higher education programs abroad |

| The ability to work for 3-4 months, 10 hours a week |

Internship Description

The intern(s) will be required to assist with business development by procuring and liaising clients from their network. In addition, if interested, the intern can assist with a) website and social media content development and dissemination, b) editing and proofreading application materials.

How can you benefit from the intership?

This internship is an exciting opportunity to develop an extensive network with professionals and students across the country, and develop excellent writing skills, especially for higher education programs abroad. By working in close association with the editor, you will learn how to hone your written communication skills, and benefit you throughout your career. Those with a creative bent of mind would gain a lot from developing engaging content for the website and social media. You would get to learn and practice key industry-relevant skills in Adobe software. Lastly, if you are interested in studying abroad, you will benefit extensively from this internship by learning all about maximizing your chances of getting admission!


The pay will be 15% of the fee from each client (for up to 10 clients a month) procured by the intern, and 25% of the fee for every additional client.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in the internship, please send over your most recent CV and a brief description (up to 200-300 words) of what you would like to gain from this internship to info@rbnedu.com.

For any questions, feel free to contact RBN Education Consulting