F-1 Visa Interview Questions (USA)

The F-1 Visa

The F-1 visa is one type of visa needed by foreign citizens who have secured admission to an educational institution in the US, to enter the country.

The steps needed to apply for the F-1 visa are straightforward. You can find the updated process as well as appointment waiting time for your nearest embassy or consulate on the US government’s travel website.

Preparing for the F-1 visa interview is extremely important! While I and many others would not recommend mugging up answers, having an answer ready for the most commonly asked questions can help you remain calm and confident.

50 commonly asked questions during the F-1 visa interview

*Scroll to the bottom for a freely downloadable PDF file containing these questions*

  1. Why are you travelling to the US?
  2. Which course/program are you planning to study?
  3. Are you specializing in anything?
  4. What is [the specialization]?
  5. Why do you want to pursue this course/program in the US? or
    [more common for working professionals] Why do you feel the need to study in the US now?
  6. Why do you think you are qualified for this course/program?
  7. Which programs/universities did you apply to? 
  8. Which other universities did you receive admission to?
  9. How did you find out about this course/program at [name of university]?
  10. Why did you choose this course/program at [name of university]? Or
    Why did you choose [name of university] over [another university]?
  11. Why did you choose [Fall/Spring] intake for this course/program?
  12. What are a few courses you plan to take at the [name of university]?
  13. What was your undergraduate institution?
  14. When did you graduate?
  15. What was your undergraduate major?
  16. What was your undergraduate GPA?
  17. What was your undergraduate major project?
  18. Which are a few important subjects from your undergraduate program?
  19. Is your project related to your graduate program’s major?
  20. [If pursuing a different field of study for the master’s] Why are you switching from [undergraduate major] to [graduate major]?
  21. How will your [undergraduate major/or subjects] help you during your master’s program?
  22. What is the duration of your master’s program/course?
  23. Which courses will you take in the first semester [of the master’s program]?
  24. Did you give the GRE? or
    What was your GRE score?
  25. What was your [English Proficiency Test] score?
  26. [For low scores (GPA/GRE/English Proficiency Test) Why is your score low?
  27. [For those with no full-time work experience] Where did you do your internships? 
  28. Where do you work?
  29. How long have you been working at [name of organization]?
  30. What is your role at [name of organization]?
  31. [The visa officer can ask certain specifics about your role] What is [something about your role that you mention in your answer to the previous question]?
  32. [For impressive job roles] What do you enjoy about your job? Or
    Do you not enjoy your job?
  33. [If there is a gap in your career/education, and obvious from your answers] Why is there a gap in your education? Or
    What have you been doing during [the gap]?
  34. How much funds do you need to complete your education?
  35. How will you fund your education? Or
    Who is sponsoring your education?
  36. What does [person sponsoring – can be self or family] do (profession/sources of income)?
  37. What is the annual income of [person(s) sponsoring]?
  38. Are you taking an educational loan?
  39. [If the person sponsoring makes enough/has enough savings] Why do you need an educational loan?
  40. Is your family supportive of your decision to study in the US?
  41. Did you receive a scholarship from [name of university]?
  42. [If married] Are you married?
  43. Do you have any dependents?
  44. What do you plan to do after graduating/completing your degree?
  45. How will this course/program help you in your career?
  46. Where do you plan to work after graduating/completing your degree?
  47. Will you return to India after completing your education?
  48. [If previously rejected for the visa] What went wrong the previous time?
  49. What has changed since your last visa interview?
  50. Have you visited the United States before?

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